Warm Bread Pudding…

Winter on the farm is the perfect time and place for home-made bread pudding. And our Kitchenaid convection oven , which seemed like a ridiculous luxury when we first moved in, is the perfect place to bake it.2015-12-07_1449463487

Amelia came for the night recently and this is what we worked on.

First things first….wash hands. We just came in from feeding the goats.

Got out our basic bread pudding recipe. Preheat oven to 350 and gather ingredients….

melted butter…2015-12-07_1449463734

a loaf of torn up bread….

some farm fresh brown eggs….milk…..sugar……2015-12-07_1449463976



…cinnamon and Trader Joe’s bourbon vanilla.


It’s already starting to smell good in here!










The debris

Pop them into the oven…2015-12-07_1449464159

one with raisins for Grandpa,

and one without for the rest of us.


35 minutes later

the house smells fantastic

and dessert is done.

Now it’s time to make dinner!

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