The dangers of a Library Basement Sale……

The local public library had a used book sale….


I tagged along with my daughter and her 4 kiddos. Thought I might find a nice old book or two.

Didn’t really need any…..


An hour and a large box later…..2015-09-27_1443397266

Next job……sort into “keepers and sellers.”…2015-09-27_14433972142015-09-27_1443397227

Photograph, research, catalog and post all the “sellers” to my etsy shop.

Find a place to store these beauties!

2015-09-27_1443397156Scored an almost complete set of World War 2 histories by Winston Churchill….

a stack of Thornton W Burgess children’s books….Mother West Wind’s ChildrenThe Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer, Adventures of Old Mr. Toad….

A.A. Milne’s When We Were Very Young and Now We are Six…..and a pretty little Tasha Tudor.

2015-09-27_1443397248Can you ever REALLY have too many books???


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