Nursery update…

The news on the farm today is babies, babies, babies!!!

Baby Buttercup
Baby Chicory

Our Nigerian dwarf doeling and buckling are spending time with their goat mamas but we will be picking them up this weekend. We are so excited to meet them in person!

Buttercup’s daddy…AGS Fall Creek WR Valentino *S
Buttercup’s momma: Wren Farm AB Anita
Chicory's momma.....GCH Avian Acres WVL Vesta 1*M
Chicory’s momma…..GCH Avian Acres WVL Vesta 1*M

Nothing like

a good set of

 family photos!


Next step…acquiring experience at bottle-feeding tiny goats…..

Some of the items from Hoegger Supply that may find their way to my Christmas list this year…..xctmpdMedtZ  xctmpmI00ec xctmpkSRjxX xctmpdPA88W

How about duds for the kids?xctmpTMGodm 

Time to get back to work…..have a wonderful day!



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